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WELCOME TO A2B Dial a Driver

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small, friendly New Zealand owned company based in Auckland’s CBD.

We make sure you, your family and friends get home safely in the comfort of their own vehicle with ease. All our drivers have the correct licences, and a good knowledge of Auckland and its wider regions. We take pride in providing you with a service that sees you and your car home safely, and we do it with a friendly smile.

One of the great advantages about using a dial-a-driver is waking up the next morning after a good night out and having your car in the garage! Which leaves you free from worry about whether it's safe left in a carpark, on the side of the road or if it's been broken into or stolen, forking out large sums for overnight parking, being towed or just the hassle of picking your car up the next morning.

Did you know that we also can help you with your special doctor or dental appointments. Sometimes you are not able to drive yourself home after such if you are stuck with out someone to take you home, we will come to your rescue.

A2B Dial-a-Driver is all about convenience. We are cheaper than getting a taxi both to and from your destination check out rates out here

Everyone has heard the words before; "I've only had a few, I am all right to drive."

What if you went through a check point?
What if you were in an accident?

Only time will tell. So don’t wait for when you do need us, put our phone number 0800 088 500 in your mobile phone NOW and you will never be without a sober driver again.
We Accept all Major Credit cards including EFTPOS, Master, Visa, AMEX, Auckland Co-op Taxi Chits and Corporate Cab Card


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